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Day in the Life - Sally - Brisbane Family Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of spending the morning with Sally and Max photographing their morning routines. Playing with toys, reading books, watering plants, heading to the park, eating lunch and reading stories before Max's midday sleep. These moments happen every day for Mums' and my passion is documenting these ordinary everyday routines so that Mothers can truly appreciate their role in their child's life and see how much love they have for their children.

I would have loved to have someone document my early parenting years with my own children so I know how much these memories will mean to Sally. Max is the cutest little boy and he loved showing me his dancing moves to his favourite song "Baby Shark" and you can't help but smile when kids are happy and dancing. I can recall my kids when they were little dancing to the Wiggles over and over again.

Max loves going to the park with his Mum and being pushed on the swing and going down the slide holding his Mum's hand. How many times do parents take their kids to the park in their life time....many many many times. When it was time for Max to go to bed and I was saying goodbye to him he tried to say my name something like kk which was so adorable.

You can clearly tell the bond these two have for each other and I was thrilled to be able to capture their relationship for them.

I know these photos will become more special in years to come when life changes when there are more kids and a different house. Life is constantly changing and preserving today's moments which will become tomorrow's heirloom memories.

Sally and her family will be able to fondly look back on these memories and see what it felt like to be in these early stages of parenting a toddler in their lovely townhouse.

If you are after a Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer and would like to preserve your own family memories I would love to have a chat with you.

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