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Day in the Life​


Day in the Life documentary sessions can be 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours in duration.  These sessions are held in your home and I come to you to capture pictures of your everyday life.  These sessions capture your family's life as it is right now. 

Everyone photographs the important events like Birthdays, Christmas and holidays however photographing your everyday life is just as significant.  Everyday normal activities for families once photographed become time capsules in your family's life.

Documenting little details of your everyday routines becomes a celebration of who you are.  These photographs represent a snapshot in time, the story of your life and serve as a piece of your family's history.

Below are some more details about these sessions.

How is a documentary "Day in the Life" photo session different than a typical 'Family Portrait session?

I am going to come into your home and your life for part of your day to capture moments exactly as it happens.  I will be photographing you and your children, as you go about your day as you normally would.  No need to get dressed in matching outfits or dressing up for your session, all you have to do is be yourselves. You may be baking biscuits together, playing in the backyard, reading story books or just hanging out together.  This is not a smile and look at the camera session, it's capturing you in your natural environment as if I was a fly on the wall.

Should I get the kids to behave in a certain way?

Not at all, the idea behind me coming to your home and capturing you with your children is to capture your life as a Mother as you would normally do on any given day.  The good, the hard, the boring and all those cuddles in between.  If the kids have a meltdown that's okay, if they run around the house screaming that's okay.  If they fall over and start crying you'll be there to pick them up and I'll be there capturing it all.

Should I clean my house and what is going to happen when you come over?

I will arrive at your home and talk with you and your children.  I will spend a few minutes getting to know everyone and letting the kids become more comfortable with me.  After that, you will go about your regular day and I will photograph moments as they happen.  I will document your life as it is, as if I were not in your home. 

My house is not magazine worthy, I need to lose some weight, and our home days are boring?

The purpose of these types of sessions is that none of those things matter when it comes down to what you do, and who you are as a Mother.  There's a great saying "The days are long but the years are short" and this is so true. If there are dishes in the sink and a pile of clean washing to be folded that's okay, even a pile of dirty washing....this is everyday life and it's there to be captured with you in it.  This isn't just a photo shoot this is a documentary about your real life.  Documenting your life right now with you in it is the most precious gift you can give to your family and something that will be treasured for generations to come.

Here are some photos from Cindy's "Day in the Life" session.  Her morning consisted of getting the kids and the dog out of the house to head to the local coffee shop nearby.  Coffee for Mum and baby-chino for the kids and then it was back home to prepare morning tea and lunch snacks for the lunch boxes before heading off to the kids play group session.  

18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-22-22_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-23-48_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-35-57_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-38-11_FB-3.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-46-48_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-47-33_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-55-58_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_09-59-07_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-16-26_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-18-26_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-19-40_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-39-54_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-42-20_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_10-45-41_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_11-19-28_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_11-19-38_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_12-05-58_FB.jpg
18-05-30_Canon EOS 6D_12-11-07_FB.jpg
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